Tuition & Fees

Low Cost, High Quality

We know college can be expensive. As a result, we strive to keep the cost of your education as low as possible. With the same tuition rate of regular classroom courses, we are one of the best values locally and regionally. In addition, we are constantly working with academic departments and faculty to identify open education resources to reduce or eliminate the cost of textbooks and other learning materials. Take these savings and apply them to your next class or degree, or perhaps a reward for accomplishing your educational goals. You deserve it.

Online Delivery Fee

To improve your learning experience and access to services and offerings, a new online delivery fee ($30/credit) will be applied for all online classes effective Fall 2017. Feedback and input regarding the need/use of the fee was facilitated with student leaders, various university committees and councils, and was unanimously approved by the DSU Board of Trustees. This fee is essential is providing the necessary infrastructure to ensure that your online learning experience is of high quality.

For additional information about the fee or to address other related questions, please reference the information provided below.

Online Fee Information

Ryan Hobbs
Director, Distance & Digital Learning